CIFE 2017 Call for Seed Research Proposals

2017 Call for Seed Research Proposals

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Timetable for Proposals

   March xx Call for Proposals 2017   Proposal Template      Presentation Template
   April 11 Budget request due at:
 - ERA (Engineering Research Administration) for departments in School of Engineering
 - local research administration staff for other Stanford departments
   April 18 Proposals due at CIFE, 9:00 AM PDT - Submit proposal (using proposal template) and budget in electronic format to  Late or incomplete proposals will not be accepted.
   April 20 Presentation materials due at CIFE, 9:00 AM PDT for Technical Advisory Committee Meeting - Submit, using presentation template, in electronic format to
   April 25 Technical Advisory Committee meeting - presentation of proposals by PIs and research assistants to committee members
Proposal Review Form
   May 9 CIFE Award decisions