Generating a Simulation Model from Project Data through DSM

Project Team

M. Fischer, J Kujala, M. Ramsey, Y. Piao


The project management paradigm is rapidly changing from a planning and control-oriented approach towards more flexible project design and implementation approaches, such as lean construction, integrated project delivery and agile project management. The new approaches create challenges for management in terms of getting up-to-date information that could be used to simulate and forecast project progress. Management also needs better tools to re-design work processes and organizational arrangements to mitigate negative effects of changes. In this project we will examine how to generate an equivalent VDT/Power-like organization model from a design structure (DSM) representation of a project; create specifications for DSM input data and interface to import data to the simulation model. Detailed functional and technical requirements for DSM/simulation tool integration will be created and tested using real life information from complex construction projects.

Project Background

Research Motivation

The overall goal for this research is to develop a simulation tool that can support the design of effective organizational setups, as well being used during the project implementation phase to assist in the management. The more specific objective for this project is to examine whether an organization simulation engine working from a hybrid design structure matrix (DSM) representation can be used effectively in the design and management of large and complex construction projects. We will place particular emphasis on projects that apply lean construction methods in both project design and implementation phases. Areas to be considered include initial design of project scheduling, contractual arrangements, organizational set-ups, communication processes, along with project forecasting and rescheduling.

Research Objectives

The work plan is divided into two parts: (1) general development of the simulation tool, and (2) integration of the DSM representation with the simulation model. By separating these two tasks we want to ensure that there is a long-term development roadmap for simulation tools, thus enabling systematic development of the software. Part of this work will be done outside the scope of this project through the ongoing collaboration between the University of Oulu and CIFE. In this project we will specifically target those functional requirements that arise from integration of DSM as the primary project model.

Original Research Proposal

Overview, Design Concepts, and Details

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