2009-10 Seed Research Projects

CIFE 2009-10 Seed Research Projects

Utilizing Modern Prefabrication Technologies and Supply Chain Management Strategies to Achieve Dramatic Schedule Reductions: M. Fischer, H. Lee, R. Wilson

Improving Design Processes through Collaborating, Sharing, and Understanding: J. Haymaker, R. Senescu, N. Kim

Improving Multidisciplinary Optimization Methods in AEC: J. Haymaker, I. Kroo, B. Welle, F.  Flager

Social Networking for Sustainable Building Practices: M. Lepech, M. Fischer, S. Russell-Smith

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing of Prefabricated Durable Infrastructure: M. Lepech, A. Shuck

3D World Project Neighborhood in Support of IPD in Geographically Distributed Teamwork: K.  Law, R. Fruchter