2011-12 Seed Research Projects

CIFE 2011-12 Seed Research Projects

Space Constraint Modeler: M. Fischer, M. Lepech, R. Morkos

A Computational Framework for Egress Analysis with Realistic Human Behaviors: K. Law, J. Latombe, M. Chu

Improving the Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) for Daylighting Simulation using Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Computing, and Uncertainty Analysis: M. Fischer, G. Iaccarino, B. Welle, C. Druzgalski

Dynamic Performance Monitoring and Management: A Metric-Based Framework to Better Predict Project Success: M. Fischer, B. Schwegler, W. Li

DRSense -­ Automated and Scalable Assessment of Demand Response for Green Building Portfolios: R. Rajagopal, A. El Gamal, A. Narayan

Improving Facility Performance Prediction by Formalizing an Activity-Space-Performance Model: M. Fischer, R. Rajagopal, T. Kim, A, Kavousian