2013-14 Seed Research Projects

CIFE 2013-14 Seed Research Projects

Space Constraint Method  - M. Fischer, M. Lepech, R. Morkos

Using MDO to Support Sequential Conceptual Design  Decisions - M. Lepech, M. Fischer, F. Flager, J.Basbagill

A Framework for Bringing 3D Printing into the Construction Industry - M. Fischer, V. Bazjanac, N. Mrazovic

Integrated Virtual Parts Library—Parts List Definition - M. Fischer, C. Kam, B. Schwegler, C. Chi, D. Hall, H. Chen, J. Wei, N. Zhao, P. Padachuri, S. Tao

Statistical Analysis of KPIs: the Missing Links in the VDC Decision Making Process - M. Fischer, C. Kam, S. Khalessi, D. Senaratna

Enhancing Pre-Construction Decision-Making on Sustainable Commercial Building Projects  - M. Lepech, G. Griggs, K. Abraham

Achieving Large-scale Energy Reduction in Commercial Buildings Using Closed Loop Energy Analysis (CLEAN) - M. Fischer, C. Kam, P. Shiel