CIFE 2014 Call for Seed Research Proposals

2014 Call for Seed Research Proposals

Timetable for Proposals

   February 24 Call for Proposals 2014    Proposal Template      Presentation Template
   March 24 Budget request due at:
 - ERA (Engineering Research Administration) for departments in School of Engineering
 - local research administration staff for other Stanford departments
   April 1 Proposals due at 9:00 AM PDT - Submit proposal (using proposal template) and budget in electronic format to  Late or incomplete proposals will not be accepted.
   April 3 Presentation materials due 9:00 AM PDT to CIFE for Technical Advisory Committee Meeting - Submit, using presentation template, in electronic format to
   April 10 Technical Advisory Committee meeting - presentation of proposals by PIs and research assistants to committee members
Proposal Review Form
   April 15 CIFE Award decisions