CIFE 2015 Summer Program



 CIFE Summer Program --- September 15-16

Opportunities for Automation in Design, Construction and Facility Operations

Now that firms are confident with VDC practices that leverage the visualization power of BIM and are beginning to exploit the improved information integration and management offered by BIM, they are looking for new opportunities to create better buildings and sustain their competitive advantage. Automation of design, fabrication, construction, and facility operations tasks provides such opportunities. The 2015 CIFE summer program explores these opportunities to give participants a perspective on the state of the art in practice and research of automation across the facility lifecycle and provide insights into opportunities for improving the quality of buildings, plants, and infrastructure as well as the efficiency in designing, building, and operating them through the application of automation.

The first day will give an overview of automation in all phases of a construction project, from the automation of early stage design tasks to detailing, fabrication, information and facility handover, and operations. Presentations will address technical and managerial accomplishments and challenges. Presentation of ongoing related research will highlight the edge of today’s leading practice and show what’s next.

The second day will focus on the application of Computational and Multi-disiplinary Design Optimization (CDO and MDO), showcasing the application of these methods to the design of many types of projects and the consideration of many types of performance, including first cost, life cycle cost, schedule, environmental footprint, and others. It will include a short workshop so that participants can learn how to deploy CDO and MDO on their projects. The second day will also offer an opportunity for companies to present themselves to and meet with incoming graduate students in Sustainable Design and Construction.

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