VDC Certificate Program - Integration Experience Overview

Integration Experience Overview

The 4th step of the Certificate Program is a 2-day meeting at Stanford - the Integration Experience Meeting. You need to have completed steps 1 through 3 in the program in order to register for this session. As a reminder, here are the steps in the program:

1 - Participate in all VDC Introductory sessions(5 days) held at Stanford University;
2 - Submit a plan for the VDC Application element (which in most cases was developed during the classes at Stanford);
3 - Participate in six monthly progress / feedback meetings with instructors by submitting a status report on your VDC work;
4 - Participate in a two-day integrating experience, held at Stanford University, at which participants present and discuss the results of the VDC application element to a class cohort and the VDC Certificate Program Committee and present a formal plan for the next phase of their personal VDC work.
5 - Complete all program elements within one year of starting the first element.

The next scheduled session of the VDC Integration Experiece:
June 19-20, 2017
September 17-18, 2017

Register online to attend the VDC Integration Experience once you have completed the first 3 steps.

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