VDC Certificate Program - Introductory Course Overview

Introductory Course Overview

All introductory sessions have the same daily schedules. Full attendance on all days is required for participants interested in qualifying for the Stanford VDC Certificate. Introductory course component schedule:

Monday: VDC Overview, Vision, Introduction to Project Definition, Integrated Product - Organization - Process models; project goals; 4D animation
Tuesday: 4D lab, Metrics, process models and analysis, 3D introduction and demo, introductory ICE session on a pre-defined common project
Wednesday: Process model demo, 3D lab, target costing, Organization modeling and analysis, VDC Implementations, ICE session for participants' projects
Thursday: Organization modeling and analysis lab, introduction to VDC in construction, construction supply chain management, management methods using VDC, ICE session for participants' projects
Friday: Design management, Supply chain configuration, analyses of Building Information Models (BIM), production planning and control, construction production management, ICE session for participants' projects

Summary of types of introductory course activities (approximate):

Lectures: 9 hours
Discussions: 9 hours
Demonstrations: 3 hours
Laboratory, individual and group planning exercises: 11 hours
Interactive collaborative design sessions: 8 hours

Summary of VDC methods and tools that introductory course participants will learn about and experience use of include:

3D object-oriented modeling of facility designs
Organization modeling and analysis
Process modeling and analysis
4D modeling, animation and analysis
Interactive collaborative design
Production planning, control and optimization for design and construction processes
Supply Chain configurations in support of VDC
Model-based analysis of 3D models
Integrated project modeling of the functional intent, design and performance of the project product, organization and process

Glossary of terms used in this program

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