VDC Certificate Program - Pricing & Registration

Certificate Program Pricing

$10,000 per person:  Includes the complete program from Introductory session through completion of the certificate.  Register Online

CIFE Affiliation at the Member level or higher may send one additional participant for three paid participants.

An entire program (20 participants) can be purchased for $100,000 by CIFE members, at member level or higher. Contact us to make arrangements.

Non-member organizations can purchase an entire program (20 participants) for $135,000 which optionally includes Member-level CIFE membership for one year. Please contact us to make arrangements.


June 19-23, 2017 - SOLD OUT!

Contact us to inquire about future dates.

CANCELLATION:  We reserve the right to cancel a session for any reason, including insufficient enrollment. We will make a decision by 6 weeks prior to the start date regarding sufficient enrollment.
If the course is not held, our liability is limited to the registration only.

There is no addtional fee to attend the Integration Experience, but you must have completed the requirements and we request that you register online.

*The $100,000 group fee includes the Integration Experience when it is held at CIFE. Extra expenses are applicable when the Integration Experience is not held at CIFE.

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