VDC Certificate Program - Stanford Students

VDC Certification for Stanford Students

Stanford students can obtain VDC certification by completing the following requirements:

Courses: CEE 211 plus any four of CEE 222 (A and B), 241, 242, 243, 259 C or D or approval of John Kunz to substitute an equivalent class or experience

Internship or work experience: at total of at least six months doing work related to application of VDC during which participants

  • Complete the monthly report and participate in the monthly conference call along with all certificate program participants and
  • Use the results of their metrics to adjust the VDC-related work they do week by week.

Integration experience: Report and presentation that describe

  • Engineering project and problem description
  • Explicit measurable outcome and process objectives for VDC-related work
  • VDC-related Models, methods and metrics personally built or used plus rationale for their choice and comments on their pluses and minuses
  • Findings from application of VDC-related models, methods  and metrics
  • Recommendations to your client, to CIFE and the AEC industry for future work based on your experiences and findings

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