March 19, 2014

ENR Futuretech: High Performance Teams Needed to Meet Construction Challenges by Scott Blair and Tom Sawyer quotes John Kunz, CIFE executive director, on performance metrics.

March 18, 2014

CIFE is pleased to recognize and congratulate 18 graduates of the VDC Certificate Program who completed the program today in Stockholm. They are pictured below.

Front row: Nima Assadi, Karoline Borgen, Gro Brathovde, Runar Berg, Signe M. Høie Olsen-Nauen, Sigrun Duaas, and Ole Morten Kvam.
Back row: Mike Wiliams (SPS), Filip Wulkan, Daniel Norberg, Malin Svensson, Sverre L. Flem, Fredrik Wincent, Christian Karlsson, Thomas Fluør, Rune Braa., Martin Furenes, and Martin Fischer (CIFE). 
Missing at the time of the photo are: Björn Samuelsson and Marianne Willie Haugen.

February 24, 2014


CIFE congratulates the VDC graduates from Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) who received their certificate on February 24, 2014, in Glendale, CA. Pictured from left to right: John Kunz (CIFE), Chase Roles (WDI), Laura Youngkin (WDI), Amy Melin (WDI), David van Wyk (WDI), Martin Fischer (CIFE), Tori Lucking-Webb (WDI), Robert Shmerling (WDI), Roberto Arbulu (SPS).

December 12, 2013
CIFE congratulates the following professionals who received their VDC Certificate on Dec. 11, 2013, at Stanford: (from left to right): Judd Fuoto (George Washington University), J. Daniel Jenkins (Walt Disney Imagineering), Martin Fischer (CIFE, Instructor), Ismael Ranzola (Walt Disney Imagineering), Ben Bowser (Walt Disney Imagineering), John Kunz (CIFE, Instructor), Roberto Arbulu (SPS, Instructor), José Antonio Taboada Garcia (Graña y Montero), Jorge Miranda Gamarra (Constructora AESA), Walter Gilberto Meléndez Bernardo (Graña y Montero), Marco Fabio Pineda Romero (Viva Graña y Montero), Danny Eduardo Murguia Sánchez (Marcan), Omar Cristian Alfaro Feliz (Graña y Montero).
October 7, 2013

Calvin Kam, director of industry programs at CIFE, was honored by the department of Civil and Environmentat Engineering at University of Southern Californiat (USC), where he did his undergraduate work, for his work in Building Information Modeling. The award was given ealier this year and written about in the Fall 2013 issue of the Engineering newsletter.

September 16, 2013

The Second Building Information Modeling (BIM) Conference in the Middle East opened on September 16th in Abu Dhabi.  CIFE and CCC are two of the sponsors.  More information is available at

August 23, 2013

John Kunz and Martin Fischer delivered a VDC Certificate Program Introduction Course at CIFE member NCC's headquarters in Helsinki, Finland in the week of Aug. 19-23, 2013. Here is the group of eager students!

July 17, 2013

CBRE Group, Inc. (CBRE) announced today five recipient institutions in its Real Green Research Challenge (RGRC). Launched in September 2012, the RGRC is CBRE’s US$1-million commitment to fund leading-edge sustainability research and innovation in commercial real estate.

The CIFE project is "a detailed empirical evaluation of EPA ENERGY STAR® energy management  strategies allowing facilities and property managers to prioritize energy efficiency projects". Congratulations to CIFE director Martin Fischer and Robert Graebert, CIFE graduate student.

Please see the CBRE website for more details.