Information Interoperability for Engineering and Construction Supply Chain

TitleInformation Interoperability for Engineering and Construction Supply Chain
Publication TypeTechnical Report
AuthorsCheng, C. P., K. Law, and H. Bjornsson
Date Published09/2008

Collaboration and interoperability plays a very significant role in a construction supply chain. The lack of information sharing and software interoperability hampers coordination and collaboration among project participants, which are crucial to the success of a supply chain. As the Internet becomes ubiquitous and instantaneously accessible, the web services model has emerged as a promising approach to support supply chain collaboration and achieve interoperability. This report discusses a web service framework to connect, invoke and integrate loosely coupled, heterogeneous information sources and software applications. Specifically, web portal technology is leveraged to implement the web services platform and to provide a robust and customizable user interface. The issues of information ownership rights and proprietary privacy may hinder information sharing among companies in a centralized portal system. A decentralized portal network architecture is introduced to promote sharing of information and to enable distributed computing. This report presents the prototype web-based platform, SC Collaborator, that is designed to support data exchange, information sharing and supply chain collaboration. The platform leverages open source technologies and implements the proposed distributed portal network architecture. Two example scenarios are included to demonstrate the potential of the SC Collaborator system in managing information flows in AEC activities and facilitating interoperability.

KeywordsApplication Integration, Collaboration, Information Sharing, Interoperability, Project Collaboration, Service Oriented Architecture, Supply Chain, Web Portal Technologies
Year of Publication2008
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