CIFE Grad Students judge High School Competition


A team of Stanford University School of Engineering graduate students served as judges at the Santa Clara County Construction Careers Association (S4CA) annual Student Project Exhibition in Construction, Architecture, and Engineering. S4CA is a non-profit organization that supports career pathways in the construction industry and has members from industry, education, government, and labor organizations that represent the construction workforce.

Following the theme, “The Built Environment:  Smart, Safe, Resilient,” each project included some aspect of resilient design, technology, safety, and environmental responsibility. The Stanford Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) award went to a team from Yerba Buena High School and their aquaponics entry. The aquaponics project exemplified creative design solutions, project scope ambition, innovative functionality, and environmental stewardship, earning itself Stanford’s CIFE award. The project team and the Stanford judges are pictured below:Winning team and judges

From left to right: Mark Oropeza, Kevin Keene (Stanford), Kate Gasparro (Stanford), Ricardo Alvarez, Forest Peterson (Stanford)

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