CIFE Seed Research Awards 2017


CIFE is pleased to announce the Seed Research Awards for 2017:

  • Community Investment: Improving Feedback Loops in Project Delivery with Participatory Technology - R. Levitt
  • Generating Bills of Materials for Daily Work Orders Consisting of Made-to-Stock Materials - M. Fischer
  • Early-phase Rapid Evaluation of Prefabrication Alternatives for Building Structures - M. Fischer, F. Flager
  • Using UAVs for Automated BIM-based Construction Progress Monitoring and Quality Control - S. Savarese, M. Fischer, F. Flager
  • DUES: Data-driven Urban Energy Simulation - R. Jain
  • Robust Design of Natural Ventilation Systems - C. Gorlé
  • Automated Facility Modeling for Simplified Energy Performance Simulation - S. Savarese, M. Fischer
  • Dynamically Extending Look-Ahead Windows with a Particular Focus on Value-Adding Activities - M. Fischer

Congratulations to the research teams!

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