International Comparisons of Electricity Restructuring: Considerations for Japan

TitleInternational Comparisons of Electricity Restructuring: Considerations for Japan
Publication TypeTechnical Report
AuthorsBjornsson, H., R. Crow, and H. Huntington
Date Published02/2004

The structure of Japan's electricity sector, as modified by legislation in 1995 and 1999, will be reviewed in 2003. At that time, it is likely that further decisions will be made regarding the restructuring of Japan's electricity sector. The objectives of this study are to provide insight into the alternative ways that the sector might be restructured and the experience of other countries that have already undertaken restructuring. It is hoped that learning from the experiences of others can help Japan find its own best way to provide low-cost, reliable and environmentally acceptable electricity to all its end-users.

KeywordsBusiness Models, Deregulation, Electricity Markets, Restructuring Strategy
Year of Publication2004
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