Computer Models & Methods for a Disabled Access Analysis Design Environment

TitleComputer Models & Methods for a Disabled Access Analysis Design Environment
Publication TypeTechnical Report
AuthorsHan, C., K. Law, and J. Kunz
Date Published07/2000

This research develops a design-aid framework to support the disabled access analysis utilizing a design-intent or objective-based approach. This approach depends on the clear intent or objectives of the code or standard and the ability to decompose the intent and objectives into testable code-compliant or usability methods. In addition, as part of a performance-based approach, this research also utilizes motion-planning techniques to test the wheelchair usability of a facility. This new framework also provides an Internet-based design environment for users or designers to interact virtually with the design of a facility. An additional component of the framework, an interactive environment, also addresses the deficiencies of the performance-based approach related to the difficulties in accurately modeling all the relevant behaviors.

KeywordsComputer Modeling, Objective-Based Approach, Performance-Based Approach
Year of Publication2000
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