A Model for Software Interoperation in Engineering Enterprise Integration

TitleA Model for Software Interoperation in Engineering Enterprise Integration
Publication TypeWorking Paper
AuthorsLaw, K., J. Kunz, and C. Howie
Year of Publication2000
Date Published08/2000

Engineering companies are seeking ways to achieve software interoperability between their internal applications and those of external vendors and customers. The emergence of open data exchange standards such as STEP, as well as the wide variety of possible implementation technologies, has led to our development of a model capable of supporting such software interoperation. Our model is independent of any specific implementation approach and protects proprietary knowledge of the software tools and data standards used within the participating organizations. It provides great flexibility in the configuration of software services and data exchange standards used. We have completed a formal description of the model and are now preparing to test it both locally at Stanford and with support from industrial corporations.

KeywordsInteroperability, Software Interoperation
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