Diagrammatic Reasoning for Qualitative Structural Analysis

TitleDiagrammatic Reasoning for Qualitative Structural Analysis
Publication TypeTechnical Report
AuthorsIwasaki, Y., S. Tessler, and K. Law
Date Published05/1994

This report describes a preliminary study and the development of prototype systems for diagrammatic reasoning in the domain of structural analysis. Diagrammatic reasoning is prevalent in human problem solving behavior, especially for problems involving spatial relationships among physical objects. Our research examines the relationship between diagrammatic reasoning and symbolic reasoning in analysis of simple frame structures. Preliminary evaluation shows that a diagrammatic reasoning capability provides an environment where inferences about the physical results of proposed structural configurations can take place in a more efficient as well as more intuitive manner man that possible through purely symbolic representations.

KeywordsDiagrammatic Reasoning, Qualitative Structural Analysis
Year of Publication1994
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