Managing Design Information in a Shareable Relational Framework

TitleManaging Design Information in a Shareable Relational Framework
Publication TypeTechnical Report
AuthorsLaw, K.
Date Published01/1992

The effectiveness of integrated engineering design systems depends on efficient access and expressive presentation of data. Such data may be stored in databases, but is rarely in the form that is suitable for access from engineering design software. In this report, we describe a view object approach for accessing and storing engineering information in a database management system. The object management system can serve as an interface such that applications are built in object-oriented environment and data are provided from relational databases. We propose to extend this view object paradigm to include CAD graphic information as well as to provide a mediator for monitoring design changes.

KeywordsDatabase Management System, Design Information Management, Object Management System, Shareable Relational Framework
Year of Publication1992
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