Integrated Construction Planning: A Problem Analysis

TitleIntegrated Construction Planning: A Problem Analysis
Publication TypeWorking Paper
AuthorsNielsen, R., A. Riitahuhta, R. Levitt, J. - C. Latombe, J. - F. Rit, R. Wilson, and D. Zhu
Year of Publication1992
Date Published01/1992

On June 4 1990, participants in the CIFE project "Integrated Construction Planning" held a one day retreat at Stanford University. This retreat was the conclusion of a series of meetings that had taken place in the preceding months to explore the broad issues involved in construction planning, particularly in the
domain of power plant construction.

The purpose of this retreat was also to prepare the second phase of this project,
namely the description of a prototype construction planner and possibly a demonstrative realization.

KeywordsIntegrated Construction Planning, Planning
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