An Integrated Framework for Design Standards Processing

TitleAn Integrated Framework for Design Standards Processing
Publication TypeTechnical Report
AuthorsYabuki, N., and K. Law
Date Published06/1992

This report describes an integrated framework for the documentation, representation, and processing of design standards in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) environment. We combine object-oriented and logic programming paradigms to provide a unified Object-Logic model to represent and process design standards. In this model, a designer can check the design for compliance with design provisions as well as perform component design. The framework also includes the storage of background information such as commentaries of the design provisions in a HyperDocument environment. To demonstrate the feasibility and practicality of this framework, a prototype system has been implemented for the American Institute Steel Construction (AISC) Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) specification.

KeywordsDesign Standards
Year of Publication1992
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