Experiments in Dual-Arm Manipulation Planning

TitleExperiments in Dual-Arm Manipulation Planning
Publication TypeTechnical Report
AuthorsKoga, Y., and J. - C. Latombe
Date Published10/1991

This paper describes research conducted under the CIFE seed project Cooperative Manipulation of Pipes in Construction Tasks. The topic of this project is the investigation of integrated robot motion planning and control methods for manipulating long and heavy objects, such as pipes in a construction site environment. Our research focuses on coordinated manipulation using two manipulators, or more. Its ultimate goal is to make heavy material handling more cost-effective and safer. The rationale of our approach is that using multiple manipulators potentially provides more flexibility while reducing the cost of the manipulators. On the other hand, it makes the task of operating and coordinating these robots more difficult, but automatic motion planning can solve this difficulty.

KeywordsMotion Planning, Multiple Cooperative Manipulation, Planning Technologies
Year of Publication1991
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