Causes and Effects of Rationale Clarity in the AEC Design Industry

TitleCauses and Effects of Rationale Clarity in the AEC Design Industry
Publication TypeWorking Paper
AuthorsChachere, J.
Year of Publication2009
Date Published04/2009

In recent years, stakeholder concerns, building codes, and building products have become more dynamic than historically, tracking (for example) increased attention to sustainability, security, extreme weather, information technology, and globalization. The paper describes how information technologies and globalization have undermined projectsí once-valid justification for professionalization, creating an opportunity for disruption by alternate methods of rational administration. In particular, bureaucratizing AEC projects becomes more compelling with the availability of methods that assess novel conceptual designs more rationally. These observations and existing theories suggest that a combination of contemporary industry challenges (such as globalizing supply-chains and competition, new information technologies that support design and analysis, new building technologies, and rapidly dynamic project goals and stakeholder preferences) will lead to a period of turbulence and the need and potential for re-organization. This paper argues that the US industry needs a systematic and transparent methodology to assess and adapt to changes in product, organization, process, and technology.

KeywordsConstruction, Coordination, Design, Design Decisions, Design Rationale, Organization Models, Planning, Process Models, Rationale Clarity, Strategy, Validation, VDC, Virtual Design and Construction
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