DPR publishes Technical Report "Making the Integrated Big Room Better"


CIFE member DPR Construction published "Making the Integrated Big Room Better". This is a wonderful example of CIFE translation, which we discussed in the recent industry advisory board meeting. Members observed a problem; Atul Khanzode of DPR and Reid Senescu of CIFE observed the problem in practice to understand its roots, did some research and now DPR is reporting on how the innovative method works in practice.

Quoted from DPR's website: "DPR Construction teamed with Stanford University’s Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE) to study the flow of information within an Integrated Big Room to better understand who is interacting with whom, about what, and when. Analyzing data from some 30,000 files on one large-scale hospital project reveals interdependencies and complex workflows between team members each month. This is the first step in better understanding whom should be the lead discipline in a big room environment at what time and how to enhance the quality of interactions to achieve better outcomes."

See the online report

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