Civil Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

The introduction of Virtual Design and Construction technology and methods into the civil construction industry introduces an opportunity for dedicated investigations that filter and transition technology and methods from the building industry BIM to the civil industry VDC and develop new methods specific to the civil industry. This wiki site is intended to help document this process and provide a location for this information.

A core underpinning belief that drives these investigations it that moving Virtual Design and Construction tools from the management and engineering sphere to the field hands - phenomenological perspective - will result in improved safety, a better working environment, reduced environmental impact, and ultimately a lower cost that as a bundle leads to a more consistent profit margin; profit that is not at the expense of safety, nor environment, nor the community. The degree that these are better, more or less, and improved is the higher-goal of our experiments, though we must focus on several smaller aspects of this goal that are measurable and allow for pragmatic validation. For this validation we rely on an ethnography approach.

The preliminary research and lab test work was possible due to the 2008 seed funding by the Stanford University Center for Integrated Facility Engineering Technical Advisory Committee. Continued work is possible through the 2012 Homer and Joyce Olsen Fellowship. Without these awards the knowledge developed through the Merced Highway 99 experiment would not be possible. My gratitude for their support is unquantifiable.

Corresponding Author: Forest Peterson


This technical wiki documents the Civil implementation of VDC. I modify this wiki as my plans evolve and tests are completed. Feel free to peer review my work (email comments to Since this wiki is a 'living draft', relax your expectations for spelling, grammar, and style. And, use your best judgement before reusing the content.

  • The data and conclusions may be incorrect,
  • This is a new use for a wiki; this is not a compilation of expert knowledge, it is the compilation of lab and field test observations, and
  • The format may be confusing and the purpose of this wiki may be confusing since it is a constant work in progress

The technical knowledge contained in the linked pages are critical to the Civil implementation of Virtual Design and Construction; if you reuse or share this knowledge, please provide an acknowledgement and cite as:

Peterson, F. and Fischer, M. “CIFE Civil VDC Technical Report” CIFE wiki. Stanford University Center for Integrated Facility Engineering. Last accessed dd month yyyy.

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