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CIFE Summer Program 2019

September 17 & 18

Digital Integrated Facility Engineering

Every day we hear about the potential impact of digital technologies, such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and many more. Harnessing these technologies requires and enables new skills, workflows, and capabilities; simply digitizing workflows created for an analog world won’t provide nearly as many benefits.

The 2019 CIFE Summer Program will showcase applications of digital technologies for which industry practitioners have taken advantage of the new capabilities digitalization enables. The speakers will offer three perspectives on the impact of digitalization:

  • Changes in individual and organizational capabilities, workflows, and skills
  • Ability to better match supply and demand for design, fabrication, and construction
  • Strategic opportunities for owners and developers, architects and engineers, builders, service providers, and technology firms

The speakers will show how digital methods allow them to address topics that are particularly critical to the success of construction projects and firms:

  • Defining the value a facility should offer to its users, operators, and environment as the basis for a high-performing facility
  • Delivering high-performing facilities safely and reliably with aggressive schedule and cost targets
  • Improving the predictions of facility performance and resource allocation
  • Creating feedback loops to improve the performance of project teamsEnhancing information density throughout a project’s value and supply chains

Join us for two days of in-depth case studies with a thorough discussion of the practical implications and theoretical foundations for meaningful digitalization.