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Summer Program 2019 - Agenda


Agenda subject to change.

September 17th

8:00 -- Coffee & Networking --

Welcome - Martin Fischer, CIFE Director, & Renate Fruchter, Project Based Learning Lab (PBL) Director

  We will start the summer program with project case studies to gain an understanding of the deployment of integration and digital methods in project delivery.

Project Case Studies Deploying Integration and Digital Strategies - Martin Fischer, Moderator

The Chase Center:  Mortenson will share how VDC methods were used to manage the project and reflect on the results and lessons learned.

- Kevin Dalager, Project Executive, M.A. Mortenson Company
- Derek Cunz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, M.A. Mortenson Company

Google Bay View Campus: This talk will focus on the integrated design features of the new Google campus in Mountain View.

- Asim Tahir, District & Renewable Energy Lead, Google

Transitioning Supply Chains to Renewable Energy: This presentation will discuss end-to-end digital design/construction/operation tools and workflows that enable improve facility energy efficiency, lower total cost of goods sold, and create pathways to powering manufacturing facilities with renewable energy sources. Focus will be on digital tools and workflow and  include discussion of both successes and challenges moving forward.

- Andrew Solberg, Director of Advanced Design and Simulation, Jacobs

10:30 -- Break --
  We will continue the program by learning about the application of optimization methods for structural design and construction scheduling to apply design and construction knowledge and strategies quickly and consistently and by seeing the use of an IoT device to collect data on actual activity cycle times on site. The insights from this case study don’t only have implications for planning and managing construction projects, including staffing, but also for business models, e.g., product vs. project strategy. This session also showcases the collaboration between multiple industry and university parties to develop and test innovative practices.

Optimization of Product and Process Design and Digital Feedback Loops - Martin Fischer, Moderator

Multidisciplinary Optimization of Conventional Steel Building Structures

- Filippo Ranalli, Ph.D. student, CIFE and Visiting Scholar, DPR Construction

Application of AI and IoT for construction project management: The Coleman Parking Garage at San Jose International Airport was scheduled with an AI-based scheduling tool (ALICE) and the activity cycle time were tracked with a crane IoT device (Versatile Natures). This session will share how well these methods worked and discuss implications for project, site, and business management.

- Jon Mohle, Product and Market Manager, Clark Pacific
- Meirav Oren, CEO and Founder, Versatile Natures
- Charles Ma, Product Manager, Versatile Natures
- Yan-Ping Wang, Ph.D. student, CIFE

12:30 -- Lunch --
  The program continues with examples of the application of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality to improve construction projects through dramatically better collaboration between project participants and stakeholders.
  CIFE VR Survey - before the VR presentations

Virtual/Augmented Reality in the AEC Industry - Strategic Perspectives and Transformative Impacts - Renate Fruchter, Moderator

- Jason Fisher and Brian Bessenaire, SOM
- Eugene Law and Adam Nakagoshi, Gensler
- Claire Moore and Rotimi Seriki, HOK
- Danielle Dy Buncio, ViaTechnik


-- Break and Hands-on Demo - VR-EXPE: Immersive AEC Projects --

- High Quality VR - Case Study, Lauren Patnoe, ViaTechnik
- Fuzor VDC VR: Geoff Hoffman, ViaTechnik
- MeetinVR: Cristian Emmanuel Anton, Johannes Lech, and Dominika Hajkova Lech
- EPIC/Unreal Engine for AEC: Tom Shannon
- Multi-user VR AEC Global Teamwork - PBL Team: Renate Fruchter, Lupe Gomez Garcia, Jue Wang
- VR & AI & PM:  PBL Lab Team: Renate Fruchter, Varun Gupta, Xiaoxi Zeng


Virtual/Augmented Reality in the AEC Industry and Education: Strategic Perspectives and Transformative Impacts - Renate Fruchter, Moderator

- Will Adams, Mortenson
- Eric Law,Swinerton
- Dusan Selezan, Balfour Beatty
- Marie Hunter, Google
- Renate Fruchter, PBL Lab, Stanford

  CIFE VR Survey - after the VR Presentations
5:00 Reflections
5:30 -- Reception --


September 18th

7:45 -- Coffee, and Networking --

Welcome, Reflection, Preview - Martin Fischer, CIFE Director


Product vs. Project: Addressing Localization in Industrialized Construction

- Forest Flager, Director, Software and Design Automation, Katerra

9:00 -- Break --
  Like day 1, we will learn about a detailed project case study showcasing what integrated project teams can achieve with the support of digital tools.

B310 Laboratory, Danish Technical University (DTU)

The client (DTU) and the contractor (MT Højgaard) will discuss how project targets were set and how organizational, process, and technology strategies enabled reaching the targets.
- Francois Svend Court-Payen, Project Manager, DTU
- Nicolai Bredal-Jørgensen, Project Manager, DTU
- Martin Lose, Division Head for Public Projects, MT Højgaard
- Kim Petersson, Project Executive, MT Højgaard

10:30 -- Break --

Applying Integrated Construction Management Methods for Site Work

Digitally connecting design and construction

- Rafael Garcia, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Marketing, Hilti North America

Educational Building for the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
A combined Last Planner and 4D system was developed and applied by Kruse Smith, the GC, on this project. This talk will share the results and implications of deploying such a planning and control method.
- Gunnar Skeie, VDC Development Leader, Kruse Smith
- Jon Sakarias Liknes, VDC Developer, Kruse Smith

Daily Crew, Activity, and Material Management Method
CIFE research developed an interactive and integrated daily crew and site management method and tested it on five sites four countries. This talk presents the method and its application and impact and shares recommendations for developing such innovations in collaboration between industry and academia.
- Min Song, Ph.D. student, CIFE

12:30 -- Lunch --

Stategic Implications of Digitalization

- Curtis Rodgers, Brick and Mortar Ventures
- Martin Fischer, CIFE

Strategy Workshop Materials

3:00 -- Break --

Short Company Profiles with Research Interests

-- Companies briefly speak about a project or something about which they are proud and a challenge they would like to solve.

5:00 -- Reception with incoming Stanford graduate students --