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Summer Program 2020

The 2020 CIFE Summer Program was a global, online event. It focused on this theme: How should owners, designers, and builders behave when projects are delivered collaboratively and digitally?

Many project teams have experienced the advantages of digitally-supported, collaborative project delivery over the past years. Hence, this approach is becoming increasingly common. To take full advantage of digital collaboration requires that project participants – from owners to subcontractors – are adjusting their behavior compared to traditional projects. For example, decisions that have been made sequentially can now be made concurrently, the role and timing of involvement of the different parties should change, the timing, direction, and quality of information and knowledge flows is often dramatically different, etc.

The sessions in the Summer Program explored such topics through presentations and discussions that addressed the:

  • Lessons learned by project teams that have successfully created high-performance built structures digitally and collaboratively
  • Initiatives and approaches by companies to share knowledge about Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) across the company
  • Role of top management in setting the strategy and providing the executive support for digitalization


September 15th
  Welcome & Overview - Martin Fischer, CIFE Director
Play video CIFE Research on AEC and Pandemic - Martin Fischer & Natasa Mrazovic, CIFE
  High Performance Buildings through Innovation
Play video Raiders Stadium Project - Derek Cunz & Sarah Narjes, Mortenson Construction
Play video University of California San Francisco Block 23 Project -  Jack Poindexter & John Owen, DPR Construction
Play video Delivering the main competition facilities for the PanAm Games in 18 months with IPD - Raul Eyzaguirre, COSAPI
  Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer & Andrew Peterman
  Delivering Digital and Physical Workplaces
Play video

Creating physical and digital spaces. Remote work at GSA - Charles Matta, US General Services Administration

  Anett Andreassen & Roar Fosse, Statsbygg
  Google's 1212 Bordeaux Integrated Design Project - Josh Portner, Google, & John Castagnoli, Devcon Construction
  Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer & Andrew Peterman
Play video Strategic Leadership from the C-Suite

Conversation moderated by Martin Fischer

  • Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck, Goldbeck
  • Bob Pragada, Jacobs
  • Craig Russell, Walt Disney Imagineering
  Making Projects Successful through Innovation
Play video

MWH-Webcor Waste Treatment Project  - Jon Berkoe, MWH Constructors, & Simge Girgin, Stanford

Play video Haus des Holzes - Anne Nyffeler, PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG
Play video Road to VDCfit - integrating information at a public building owner - Rahel Schnetzler, Hochbauamt Kanton St. Gallen
  Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer and Andrew Peterman


  Welcome - Martin Fischer, CIFE Director
  Highlights of the morning session - Martin Fischer, CIFE Director, & Andrew Peterman, CIFE Executive Director
  Strategic Leadership from the C-Suite

Conversation moderated by Martin Fischer

  • Lou Cornell, WSP
  • George Pfeffer of DPR Construction
  VDC in Latin America Project Examples

Rapid evaluation of investment opportunities for a multi-family housing developer - Carolina Garces, Amarilo

  Campus masterplanning and construction with VDC - Alexandre Almeida, University of Lima
  Reducing latency in decision making for on-time and on-budget project delivery - Claudine Flores, University of Lima
  Rapidly evaluating construction alternatives - Julio César Mendoza, Produktiva
  Collaborative BIM-supported programming, design, and control processes for on-time delivery of the Llata hospital - Leandro Fernández, COSAPI
  Dramatically reducing construction duration for masonry walls - Raul Leon Plasencia, Produktiva
  Designer, builder and supplier integration to reduce schedule through prefabrication for Salaverry Harbor - Rich Meza, TSC Innovation
Play video Shortening construction duration through BIM-based industrialized construction - Michael Pacherres, Provias Nacional
  Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer and Andrew Peterman
  Organizing Around Innovation

How to bring innovation across an organization - Ben Schwegler, ENGIE China
VDC Pilot on WWTP in Arizona - Michelle Keegan, South 32
Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer and Andrew Peterman

  Leadership Perspectives from across APAC

Howard Brown, Walt Disney Imagineering
Rosana Wong, Yau Lee Holdings, Ltd
Vincent Chow, The Hong Kong Development Bureau
Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer, Calvin Kam, and Andrew Peterman

September 16th
  Welcome, Recap evening session, Preview - Martin Fischer, CIFE Director & Andrew Peterman, CIFE Executive Director
  Examples of Emerging Technology
Play video

Driving Innovation through Automation - Niels Falk, HD Labs

Play video Gunnar Skeie & Jon Sakarias Liknes, Kruse Smith
Play video Sabrina Odah, Suffolk Construction
Play video Bruno Ruch, Control AG & Julian Amann, Singular
Play video Application of emerging technologies to support collaboration on the Randselva bridge: the world’s biggest bridge designed and built without drawings - Krzysztof Wojslaw, Sweco
  Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer & Andrew Peterman
  Innovation for Sustainability through Executive Leadership
Play video

Philippe Delorme, Schneider Electric

  Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer & Andrew Peterman
  Managing Innovation Initiatives
Play video Stewart Carroll, Beck Technologies
  Eric Law, Swinerton
Play video Joakim Örn, Veidekke
  Integrating Project Design, Fabrication, and Construction
Play video Integrated Design, Fabrication, and Erection of the Nanay Bridge in Peru - Alejandro Palpan Flores, TSC Innovation
Play video Jakob Guldbrandsen, Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter & Sascha Vesterlund, HD Lab
Play video E6 Kvithammer Åsen - Torbjørn Tveiten, Vianova, & Thor Gunnar Hansen, Hæhre
  Welcome & Highlights from Morning Session  - Martin Fischer & Andrew Peterman
  Practice & Vision of Applying Open Standards
Play video

The Case for Open Standards

  • Patrick MacLeamy, buildingSMART International
  • Ian Howell, buildingSMART USA
  • Jeff Ouellette, buildingSMART USA
  • Calvin Kam, Strategic Building Innovation
  • Tony Rinella, Strategic Building Innovation
  Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer & Andrew Peterman
  Leading Innovation
Play video Cesar Guzman. PRODUKTIVA
Larry Pace, FactoryOS
Jes Pedersen, Webcor
Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer & Andrew Peterman
Play video Robotics Research - Cynthia Bosque, Elena Galbally, & Oussama Khatib, Stanford
  Project Examples from Across APAC
Play video Alan Landau, Ananda Development - Bangkok, Thailand
Play video Robert Chan & Andy Mok, Sun Hung Kai Properties
  Cheryl Chi, Walt Disney Imagineering
Play video Tai Fatt Cheng, Singapore Building and Construction Authority
  Reflections / Q&A - Martin Fischer, Calvin Kam  & Andrew Peterman
  Program recap, wrap-up & outlook - Martin Fischer & Andrew Peterman