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Performance Dashboard - Categorization Scheme 1 - Efficiency

Categorization Scheme 1 - Efficiency

Represent the efficiency or productivity of the workers/officers in a certain time period


General Formula:  efficiency formula


  • Inspections done/ total planned inspections: Reflects the efficiency of carrying out inspections by understanding the ratio between inspections being performed and planned during an arbitrary period of time.
  • Issues unresolved/ issues scheduled per meeting: Reflects the efficiency of solving the issues assigned per meeting. This metrics provide us insights on the efficiency of a project meeting.
  • Quantity installed/ total labor hours used: This metrics measures the work being done on site through quantity installed which has an arbitrary unit for flexibility. The ratio represents the work being done given a total labor hours spent, providing a classic representation of labor productivity for construction site.
  • Activities completed/ planned activities per week: This metrics measures project efficiency through calculating the ratio of the amount of actual work completed over the amount of planned work. The unit of amount of work can be vary from project to project, but a typical measurement unit could be the number of milestones. This metrics is mainly providing the progress of the overall project and monitoring any possible schedule delay in the project.
  • Earned value/ planned value per month: This metrics measures the equivalent capital value of the work completed over the total capital value of planned work. The earned value approach helps achieve greater visibility and control of the project efficiency which helps in predicting project performance and early identification of potential issues.
  • Issues resolved/ issues reported per month: This metrics measures the efficiency of the maintenance department to response fixing any reported issue. Typically, this metrics fits in operation and maintenance phase of a project. 
  • Usage/ baseline usage: This ratio represents a comparison between the actual building performance (arbitrary aspect of building performance) with the baseline performance. This baseline may be a target set by the operations/design team or an industry benchmark
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