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Performance Dashboard - Categorization Scheme 1 - Reliability

Categorization Scheme 1 - Reliability

Represent the general reliability of parties to parties or between individuals


General Formula: reliatbility formula


  • Owner decision changes/ owner decisions: This metric measures owner decision changes over total owner decisions. Ideally, the smaller this ratio, the better, as it means the owner is making fewer decision changes during the project. Staying consistent with the original decisions ensures that all the stakeholders involved can stay focused on the original scope, instead of having to address new issues, which could result in additional project costs and a longer project duration.
  • Commitments not met/ total commitments - for each team: This metric measures the reliability of each team. Similar to the owner decision changes, the smaller the ratio for this metric, the better, as it means the team is doing their part for the project. Having a higher ratio signifies that this team is not doing their part, and will give the owner insight as to which teams are holding back the project progress and will allow them to intervene.
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