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Performance Dashboard - Categorization Scheme 1 - Satisfaction

Categorization Scheme 1 - Satisfaction

The overall satisfaction of the pepole in terms of a variety of aspects


General Formula: Satisfaction formula


  • Collaboration Score - Ease of collaboration: The collaboration score assigns a quantitative value to how the different stakeholders involved in a project interact. For example, if the architect responds to RFIs quickly, the contractor and owner might give high collaboration scores for the architect.
  • Satisfaction Score: The satisfaction score assigns a quantitative value to how satisfied the stakeholders are with their interactions with each other and with the final product. This reflects more of the qualitative aspects of the relationships among stakeholders. For example, if the owner is involved during the entire process and plays a constructive role, the architect and contractor might give the owner a high satisfaction score. Similarly, if the project finished on time and/or on budget, the stakeholders might give a high satisfaction score.
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