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CIFE TAC 2018 Agenda

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CIFE Technical Advisory Committee Meeting 2018

Thursday, May 17
Optional Informal meeting and dinner, Wednesday, May 16
The Jerry Yang & Akiko Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building (Y2E2), Room 292A





Wednesday - May 16 -- Informal Researh Briefings, Seminar, and Dinner

  Please join us as your schedule permits. All will be at CIFE, except for the 3:15 session
11:45 AM Using UAVs for Automated BIM-based Construction Progress Monitoring and Quality Control -- H. Hamledari
12:30 PM Generating Bills of Materials for Daily Work Orders Consisting of Made-to-Stock Materials -- M. Song
1:15 PM -- Break --
1:30 PM Additive Manufacturing for Construction -- N. Mrazović
2:15 PM Early-phase Rapid Evaluation of Prefabrication Alternatives for Building Structures -- Y. Wang
3:00 PM walk from CIFE to VAIL
3:15 PM Tour of the VAIL facility (Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab) with experience of the (autonomous) driving simulator
4:15 PM walk back to CIFE
4:30 PM Invitation to join weekly seminar held at CIFE on Artificial Intelligence in the AEC Industry. The topic will be "Smart Buildings, Comfort"
6:00 PM

Welcome, CIFE and Member Updates -- M. Fischer

-- Informal Dinner at CIFE --

Demo of multi-scale construction planning tool with dynamics look-ahead windows prototyped


Thursday -  May 17

7:45 AM -- Continental Breakfast --
8:00 AM Welcome & Overview of the day - Martin Fischer
8:30 AM 2018-01: Operating LOD400-based Daily Bill of Materials through the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle
M. Fischer, M. Song
8:45 AM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
8:50 AM 2018-03: Data Thinking Prototype for Construction Project Managers
M. Fischer, R. Rajagopal, P. Nikkhoo
9:05 AM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
9:10 AM 2018-04: A Multidisciplinary Method to Optimize and Automate the Structural and Connection Design of Large-Scale Steel Structures
M. Fischer, E. Miranda, R. Rajagopal, F. Ranalli
9:25 AM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
9:30 AM 2018-06: Robotics Evaluation Framework
M. Fischer, C. Brosque
9:45 AM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
9:50 AM

2018-02: Edge Computing Hardware for Smart Buildings
B. Murmann, E. Chai

10:05 AM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
10:10 AM -- Break --
10:30 AM 2018-07: A Framework for Dynamically Updating Building Information Models using Mobile Robots and Computer Vision
K. Law, M. Ferguson
10:45 AM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
10:50 AM

2018-05: Human-Machine Interaction and Designing Interactive Autonomous Vehicle Systems for the Construction Industry

L. Leifer, M. Fischer, E. Fu, D. Sirkin
11:05 AM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
11:10 AM 2018-14: Robust Design and Operation of Natural Ventilation Systems
C.  Gorlé, M. Fischer, C. Chen
11:25 AM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
11:30 AM

2018-13: Assessment and Reduction of the Risks Inherent in Performance Based Contracting by Use of CIFE’s Automated Building Energy Model Generator

C.  Gorlé , M. Fischer, S. Tarantino, I. Armeni
11:45 AM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
11:50 AM 2018-08: Comparing Different Delivery Methods of Contextual Work Instructions for Construction Laborers
M. Fischer, R. Liu
12:05 PM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
12:10 PM -- Lunch --
1:10 PM 2018-09: Estimating the True Cost of Deferred Maintenance: An Empirical Analysis
M. Fischer, C. Casady, M. Bennon
1:25 PM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
1:30 PM 2018-11: Global Innovation Repository and Evaluation Framework
M. Fischer, C. Kam, K. Keene, J. Lo
1:45 PM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
1:50 PM 2018-12: Honing in on Blockchain for AEC: Applications for Project Management
M. Fischer, C. Kam, W. Nuelle, J. Lo
2:05 PM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
2:10PM 2018-15: CryptoBIM: Blockchain-Enabled and Cryptographic Building Information Modeling
M. Fischer, M. Lepech, H. Hamledari
2:25 PM -- Review forms; next speaker setup --
2:30 PM 2018-16: VDC Knowledge Base
M. Fischer
2:45 PM -- Review forms --
2:50 PM -- Break --
3:10 PM Selection of Projects
5:30 PM Adjourn