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European VDC Conference 2021 - Call for Papers


Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions.  We appreciate your interest.


Tuesday & Wednesday, 2-3 November, 2021
8 AM - 1 PM CET (Central European Time) / 11 PM - 4 AM PDT (California time)
Virtual Conference via Zoom

We're excited to invite presentations from VDC professionals in Europe to be included in the conference.  The submission process for presentations is a 2-step process outlined below.

Step 1: By Sep 27th, 2021, submit a summary by email to vdc-conference@stanford.eduPlease explain your overall VDC story and message that you want to give to the audience.  This text will be used as an abstract for your presentation.  Highlight the challenge you and your team were facing, how VDC helped to solve it, and which obstacles came in the way of the success of your VDC application. 500 – 700 characters maximum (including blank space).  Do not forget to describe the project and its characteristics briefly.  Please include the following information in your summary:

  • A short, meaningful title for your VDC application
  • Your name - Surname, Family name
  • Your organization and role
  • Your preferred e-mail for correspondence
  • Whether your VDC application focused on an infrastructure or building project

We're flexible with the format you choose to share your summary with us.  You can send in a word or pdf document, share a link to google docs or e-mail us the summary text.

If your summary is shortlisted by the organizing committee, you will be notified by e-mail by Oct 1st, 2021 and requested to proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:  By Oct 15th, 2021, tell us your VDC story in detail.  Start with a single statement describing your VDC application.  In 3000 (min)- 5000 (max) characters, please share as best as you can, insights and learnings from your VDC application. Please share 2 or 3 meaningful pictures from the VDC application on an actual project – no stock images, please.  Here is a checklist to assist you with building your storyline. 

  • Why is VDC an important topic for you and/or your company?
  • What was the motivation for your VDC application?
  • What were the expectations of the following  from the VDC application:
    • company employees
    • management (middle and upper management separately, if any)
    • customer
    • partners (planning and execution)
    • other key stakeholders
  • Which expectations have been fulfilled to this day, which expectations have remained unfulfilled - why?
  • What exactly have you and our team achieved by using VDC?
  • Describe what works differently in a project with or without VDC.
  • Do you have client and project objectives in practice?
    • If so: which ones and were they achieved?
    • If not: why not?
  • How has Collaboration changed? Especially between design and construction but also between client, design, and construction or operation.
    • How has working with your client changed?
    • What is the added value for the client?
    • What was the most significant benefit of VDC in this case?
    • What was the biggest mistake?
    • What would you never do again?
    • What was the value of metrics? Where they helpful in achieving the objectives?
  • How did you and your team proceed to apply VDC to the project team?
  • Briefly describe the importance and weighting of the procedure. Where do you start first?
    • ICE and Collaboration in general
    • PPM Workflows and processes (questioning existing working methods, making processes visible)
    • BIM Technologies and tools
  • How do you use metrics?
  • Did you discuss or had you well-defined client and/or project objectives? If not, if you look back – would it have helped to have? How would they have looked like?
  • How essential are these three elements in the approach? What was first?
  • How has the approach changed since then?
  • Are all projects within your organization carried out with digital building models?
  • How has internal collaboration changed?
  • What influence did this have on the organization and management of projects?

The points above are intended to guide you build your VDC story.  Again, we're flexible about the format your choose to share your submissions in.  We will accept word documents, pdfs and google doc links.  If your detailed VDC story is selected by the organizing committee, you will be notified by Oct 20th, 2021 and invited to present your VDC story at the conference.  Presentation details will be e-mailed to you separately.


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