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Community Investment: Improving Feedback Loops in Project Delivery with Participatory Technology

TitleCommunity Investment: Improving Feedback Loops in Project Delivery with Participatory Technology
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGasparro, K, Levitt, R
Date Published10/2019
Keywordscommunity investment, Coordination, crowdfunding, end-user feedback, infrastructure delivery, local government, Organization Models

At a time when local governments are struggling to pay for infrastructure assets, community opposition is often an unforeseen project cost. Made popular by trends in crowdfunding, community investment offers an innovative approach to improving infrastructure delivery by increasing financial and social support for specific projects. While there is limited understanding of community investment’s role in infrastructure delivery, local governments continue to turn towards civic technologies to improve feedback loops with end-users. Community investment is still in a nascent stage and there has been limited research that explores how community investment-- and more specifically, crowdfunding-- has been adopted during infrastructure delivery. This report details two research outputs that look specifically at crowdfunding infrastructure projects. The first research output is an online interactive tool that allows practitioners and academics, alike, to understand how crowdfunding works. This interactive tool shows the difference between the three types of crowdfunding models and how they are well aligned with specific infrastructure assets and risk characteristics. The second output is a two-part study that details the consequences of London's city-wide crowdfunding initiative for civic projects, including infrastructure. Together, these two outputs provide insights into how community investment, and crowdfunding in particular, can bring engagement opportunities and more transparency for delivering infrastructure projects.

Citation Key1736