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8. Silver lining

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Note: The following paragraphs summarize the category of Silver lining observed in December. More information about the specific category from December (and previous months) can be found in the downloaded report(s).The number in square brackets (e.g., [X]) refers to a reference where the reader can find more infomation about a specific statement.  The references can be found in the References list below, Systematized References page or in the dowloaded report.


The volume of observed talks about silver lining (i.e., conversion of challenges into opportunities) continues to decline in December (3.2% in December vs. 3.9% in September). The industry has been taking successfully this crisis as business opportunity. Service providers in digital technologies continue to lead the effort. Continuous uncertainties and challenges contributed to optimism decline. Silver lining is mentioned in most of the articles reviewing 2020 and predicting 2021developments, such as 2020 Year in Review from Top RE Tech Visionaries: … The silver lining of our WFH is that digital transformation is no longer a fringe pursuit, but a necessity. Expect to see major leaps forward in all parts of our value chain primarily around shifting toward data-driven processes, automation, and empowerment of our customers digitally. [271] Business leaders believe that the damage wrought by the pandemic provides an opportunity to reengineer business as usual and more aggressively tackle the problems of tomorrow. [452] Accelerated digital transformation is another positive side of the pandemic. [238] The health crisis showed us an entirely new picture of the scale and effort required to shift the needle in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. [216] Countless companies and countries are pledging net-zero emissions by a certain year (2030, 2040 or 2060). Increased investments toward ESG friendly owners and developers which are in turn forcing a hard look onto the design, build, and facility operations - more aggressive moves toward zero carbon emissions are expected. [238] Vaccine rollout brought optimism.

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[216] “What 2020 Meant for Climate Change and the Environment”, ArchDaily, Dec. 11, 2020. (accessed Feb. 23, 2021)
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AEC and Pandemic: Response and Impact - December 2020 Update