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Any time Data Thinking Prototype for Construction Project Managers

TitleAny time Data Thinking Prototype for Construction Project Managers
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsNikkhoo, P, Fischer, M, Rajagopal, R
Date Published01/2021
Place PublishedStanford University
KeywordsBIM, data patterns, data-driven decision making, schedules

Project and construction managers have little more than their experience to decide whether their project is on the road to success or not. Advancement of technology and availability of historical data motivated us to explore the past construction projects and provide a tool that would assist the project team in their decision-making process and provide novel insights in various fields. The generation of such insights requires integrating datasets, data exploration, and the development of an explanatory model to generate actionable insights and an ongoing cycle of learning. We propose to collect data that are available over the course of projects, such as schedule updates (pre-construction activity types, durations, crews), monthly status reports (fee analysis, project information), and BIM (material quantities) to explore whether there are patterns that correlate with project success or failure based on schedule and fee performance. In this report, we explain the project schedule data collection and the derived patterns as the first step towards making the data thinking tool.

Citation Key2816