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Assessing building-level retrofit potential instantaneously and on a large scale

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Research Team

Our Motivation:

"My experiences in the residential solar sector have showed me that effective building decarbonization efforts need to empower property owners to make sensible investment decisions. By identifying building-level retrofit potentials on a large scale, this research aims to facilitate the matchmaking between property owners and contractors/investors in the retrofit industry to help owners understand which retrofit investments should be considered."


Icon Contribution

Research Contribution

Provide a new methodology to bridge the gap between bottom-up and top-down building retrofit approaches.

Icon Problem


Practical Problem

We are missing a method which can estimate building-level retrofit options fast, accurately, and on a large scale.

As a result, property owners are often unaware of their respective retrofit potential and contractors struggle to identify the most promising retrofit targets.

Conceptual Problem

Current retrofitting approaches are either detailed but local (bottom-up) or large-scale but coarse (top-down).

Icon Solution


Explore the development of a scalable and data-driven solution to assess the retrofit potential of a building’s roof, walls, and windows solely based on publicly available data sources.

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Added Value For The Industry

Demonstrate how publicly available data sources can be integrated to assess detailed building retrofit potential on a large scale.

Empower investors/contractors to approach owners proactively.

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Cooperation Partner

Logo Goldbeck
Goldbeck, Germany
Icon Timeline





Summer 2022

Research became awarded: Assessing building-level retrofit potential instantaneously and on a large scale


Fall 2022

Literature review



Data collection



Data cleaning



Model design


Winter 2023

Implement baseline and deep models



Conduct experiments


Spring + Summer 2023

  • Conduct experiments
  • Benchmark different approaches and report results


If you want to participate in the project please reach out to Kevin Mayer.