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Certificate Program Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the program attendance limitation?  -- Registration for the 5-day Introduction is normally limited to 20.
  • What are the prerequisites?  -- There are no formal prerequisites other than commitment to support design, construction or operation of physical facilities.
  • What are the time commitments?  -- The introductory session of the Certificate Program includes five days on the Stanford campus. The application element involves 6-12 months to apply VDC methods and at participation in least six telephone sessions in which participants report and discuss their progress and challenges. The Integration experience involves two days on the Stanford campus.
  • What is the approximate time involvement during the 6-12 months period of the VDC Application Element of the Program?  --  Many participants seem to spend 1-4 or 5 days/week in application of VDC methods, but we have had presidents of firms and principals in companies who spent only a few hours a month formally using VDC methods while they helped their teams to adopt VDC in practice.
  • For our final project can we use projects that are in the design or construction phase?  -- Initial focus on the design phase is ideal; construction is good and operations can be valuable. The impact of VDC is normally greatest when the VDC process starts in design.
  • What is the ideal number of program participants from a project?  -- We have had from one to nearly forty on the same project team. We recommend a team that includes at least four stakeholders including an owner/operator, designer, general contractor, engineer and sub-contractor/fabricator.