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Collaborative Welding and Joint Sealing Robots With Haptic Feedback

TitleCollaborative Welding and Joint Sealing Robots With Haptic Feedback
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBrosque, C, Galbally, E, Chen, Y, Joshi, R, Khatib, O, Fischer, M
Conference Name2021 Proceedings of the 38th ISARC, Dubai, UAE
Date Published11/2021
Conference LocationDubai
KeywordsConstruction, Haptics, Human-Robot Collaboration, Robotic Manipulation, Robotics, Tactile Feedback

Due to their unstructured and dynamic nature, construction sites present many challenges for robotic automation of tasks. Integrating human-robot collaboration (HRC) is critical for task success and implementation feasibility. This is particularly important for contact-rich tasks and other complex scenarios which require a level of reasoning that cannot be accomplished by a fully autonomous robot. Currently, many solutions rely on precise teleoperation that requires one operator per robot. Alternatively, one operator may oversee several semi-autonomous robots. However, the operators do not have the sensory feedback needed to adequately leverage their expertise and craftsmanship. Haptic interfaces allow for intuitive human-robot collaboration by providing rich contact feedback. This paper presents two human-robot collaboration solutions for welding and joint sealing through the use of a haptic device. Our approach allows for seamless transitions between autonomous robot capabilities and human intervention with rich contact feedback. Additionally, this work opens the door to intuitive programming of new tasks through haptic human demonstration.