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A Comparative Study of the Ecosystems for Prefabrication in Europe and the US

TitleA Comparative Study of the Ecosystems for Prefabrication in Europe and the US
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsMartinez-Alonso, W, Fischer, M, Peterman, A
Date Published09/2020
Type of WorkTechnical Report
KeywordsInformation Management, Prefabrication, standardization, vertical integration

Prefabricated construction is becoming ubiquitous as it challenges the status quo by offering all variety, competitive pricing, high quality, comprehensive service, and responsive delivery. However, we identified a lack of academic studies providing a rigorous analysis of the prefabricated construction practices in the US and Europe. By comparing prefabrication companies in both sides of the Atlantic we expected to point out the main ways in which European and American companies are similar and the ones in which they diverge. Unfortunately, the timing of the pandemic made it impossible for us to obtain data from all of our partner companies (two in Europe and two in the US.) Despite, we were able to complete one case study with an European partner. Based on our analysis we identified 13 points on which the strength of their operations relies heavily, which can be clustered into four areas: level of vertical integration (with emphasis in the resilience of their supply chain,) standardization practices, project members’ involvement, and information management methods. We believe running this case study has provided us with the knowledge to complete our research, and help prefabricated companies identify their strengths and work on their areas of improvement.

Citation Key2371