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A Customizable Representation for Construction Method Models

TitleA Customizable Representation for Construction Method Models
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsAalami, FB, Levitt, RE, Fischer, M
Date Published09/1998
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsCenter for Integrated Facility Engineering, CIFE, CMM, Construction Method Models, Planning, Sequencing, Stanford University
AbstractThis paper presents our formalization of planning knowledge in the form of a computer-interpretable construction method model template (CMMT). We present a case for representing planning knowledge as abstracted skeletal plans. An abstracted skeletal plan is defined as a set of general activity types and their associated activity elaboration and sequencing knowledge. Explicitly modeled activity elaboration and sequencing knowledge is needed to customize the application of abstractly represented planning knowledge to the specific context of a project. The main challenge we address is how to represent abstracted construction planning knowledge so that it is easy to model and use by planning professionals and encapsulates activity elaboration and sequencing knowledge. We enable a template-like representation of planning knowledge by formalizing two distinct sets of construction vocabulary, one that describes the fundamental construction entities and another that describes activity elaboration (E) and sequencing (S) knowledge applicable to a broad range of components and activities. This segmentation of planning knowledge and the formalization of reasoning blocks extends the representation of planning knowledge found in existing systems. The template-like structure of a CMMT facilitates the modeling of computer-interpretable planning knowledge. The main elements of a CMMT are its activity-based application domain that is represented as a tuple and its constituting activities that are represented as a tuple. We have implemented CMMTs in the Construction Method Modeler (CMM) planning software. This paper explains the CMMT and illustrates its application to a portion of an industrial construction project.
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