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Workforce VDC Education

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What the "Workforce VDC Education" is about:

The “Workforce VDC Education” is a specialized educational program for the workforce on the construction site.

Professionals in this field have to learn a new language: Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

What is VDC?

VDC is an industry management practice that allows multiple stakeholders to collaborate with the same data, models, and visualizations efficiently and effectively.

As technology and digitalization play an increasingly important role in our lives and also on construction sites, it is important to make them available for all involved to make the construction sites future-oriented.

Today, VDC must be understood not only by engineers, architects, and contractors — VDC must be made accessible to the construction industry workforce on-site.

When VDC can be understood and operated by the workforce, it can improve communication and coordination between all involved stakeholders. It creates an increasingly transparent and efficient workflow since everybody has the same information and knows about any changes as they are made. Construction teams using VDC practices experience a lower number of misunderstandings and mistakes, increased quality, and less schedule impacts.

Keeping workers safe on-site is made easier by using VDC practices in the preconstruction phase. BIM tools can help field teams identify safety hazards before a project even breaks ground. Safety analysis VDC tools can be used throughout construction and into the operations and maintenance phases of a project to mitigate safety risk for present and future workers.

Additionally, when VDC is understood and operated by the workforce, it can help prevent a problem that is still prevalent on construction sites today: wage theft.

VDC offers a solution to this problem by monitoring both break times as well as organizations’ compliance with wage payments. Ensuring fair compensation using VDC tools helps to prevent workers from relying on public assistance programs due to unpaid wages. Thus, the use of VDC not only improves labor standards on the construction site, but it also helps workers secure better financial stability.

Using VDC from the workforce means:

  • Better understanding
  • Better coordination
  • Better planning
  • Better labor standards

and makes the work on-site SAFER, FASTER, FAIRER, and HIGHER QUALITY.

Interview with Joe Regalado about his experience with the Workforce VDC program

Let's start creating more of these emotional moments and give the workforce the opportunity to continue their education.

Listen to Joe Regalado from Pinoeer Contractors Inc. about his personal experience with the Workforce VDC program.