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CIFE Summer Program 2022 (Hybrid)

Event Details:

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 - Wednesday, September 21, 2022


CIFE | Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Y2E2, 473 Via Ortega, Room 292A
Stanford, CA 94305
United States

The 2022 CIFE Summer Program addresses how companies and project teams address three important topics:

  • How they integrate their knowledge, information, and processes to achieve better results.
  • How they leverage automation to address ever increasing performance objectives.
  • How they scale digital methods to achieve a sustainable built environment.


Every owner wants a building, industrial facility, or infrastructure system that provides what’s needed and performs well over time. Every project team wants to deliver just that while returning anticipated profit for their employers. Reports and data indicate that both these aspirations don’t occur very often. Previous Summer Programs have showcased successful examples of Integrated Project Delivery, e.g., the design and construction of the Olympic-level sports facilities for the 2019 PanAm Games. However, the industry continues to use fragmented delivery contracts, methods, and tools that doom the best efforts of design and construction professionals working for owners and project teams in achieving their aspirations. But every project team can integrate some aspects of its work, be that some of the information needed by multiple disciplines, the workflows that lead to an important decision, how the team runs meetings, etc. so that the aspiration of delivering a high-performing building can be reached.

The speakers will present case studies where the project teams have integrated several aspects of their work to achieve a remarkable project result. Following the learning about how project teams integrated project delivery, a workshop will allow the participants to build on the case studies and their own experiences to develop actions and metrics for integrating project delivery to improve project outcomes.


The increasing expectations in the performance of the built environment to meet economic, social, and environmental sustainability objectives and the shift in demographics that affect the demand and supply of the built environment required project teams to achieve more with often less experienced staff. Automation of design, fabrication, and management tasks is the most promising approach to enable project teams to meet the increasing performance expectations and learn faster.

The speakers will present examples of automation that companies and project teams have used to achieve better outcomes more reliably. They will also reflect on the strategic implications of automation including capabilities and business models.

Urban sustainability and digital built environment at scale

We have seen many examples of project teams creating better buildings, industrial facilities, and infrastructure by enhancing the capabilities of professionals from multiple disciplines with digital tools. The challenge now is to scale such achievements from individual buildings to the entire built environment.

The speakers in this session will address this challenge and show achievements to date and share their vision for urban sustainability and a digital built environment at scale.

  • Agenda
  • Register here (Please note that this is a hybrid event and you can also join online!)

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