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CIFE/PPI VDC Certificate Program

CIFE, Y2E2, Room 292, 473 Via Ortega

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Monday, August 29, 2016 - Friday, September 2, 2016

The next introductory session of the CIFE/PPI Virtual Design and Construction Certificate Program will be August 29-September 2, 2016. Our January session sold out - early registration is advised!

Event Sponsor:  CIFE

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Virtual Design and Construction Certificate Program

The Stanford Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) and Project Production Institute (PPI) offer a VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) Certificate Program) which teaches Architecture, Engineering, Construction(AEC) and Facility Management (FM) professionals how to use and obtain high value for their projects and businesses from effective use of Virtual Design and Construction.

Important Announcement

We are in the process of developing an online version of this program with expected release in 2019. This will replace the in-person version.

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The principal program objective is Professional Education:

  • Educate the program participants on the key VDC concepts (Building Information Modeling, Integrated Concurrent Engineering, Project Production Management, and
    Metrics) so that they can apply VDC holistically for maximum benefit.
  • Help participants establish a vision, strategy, and implementation plan for VDC in support of project and company objectives.
  • Support the participants in implementing VDC and learning from the implementations individually and collectively.
  • Assist the participants and their organizations in solidifying VDC practices and in creating a VDC practice community within the participants’ organizations through
    standardizing practices and measuring and sharing the benefits and costs of using VDC.


  • This program is delivered by CIFE (Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, Stanford University) and PPI (Project Production Institute). CIFE originally developed the program in late 2007 and early 2008 in collaboration with Strategic Project Solutions (SPS). In 2014, SPS founded PPI (Project Production Institute) as a non-profit organization to advance knowledge about managing the production work on projects.
  • This program assumes that the participants
    • have some understanding and appreciation for the benefits of some VDC concepts,
    • are familiar with and reflective about current practices to design, build, and operate facilities, and
    • have the support of their direct supervisors and the top executives responsible for their project, division, or company.
  • This program is not a training session for specific tools.
  • The approach to learning is “learning by doing”, first through interactive work sessions during the introductory course, and then through the application of VDC by the participants to their work and repeated sharing of and reflection on the VDC application.

Program Elements for VDC Certification

The program includes the following elements:

  • VDC Introduction: Five-days of class at Stanford, which include lectures, labs, workshops, collaborative design sessions and planning sessions.
  • VDC application: participants actively help design and manage a project for their organizations that uses VDC methods. For six months, they collect and report performance metrics on a project that uses VDC, share progress reports and participate in regular conference calls to discuss progress and issues.
  • VDC integration experience: two-days at Stanford, which include discussions of approaches taken, intermediate results, issues, results, surprises and insights, followed by planning sessions for the next stage of their VDC implementation work.

Normally, participants should complete all program elements within one year of starting the first element.

Who Should Participate

The Certificate Program will be of value to project, middle and senior management with an interest in the use of model-based methods and analyses for design, construction and operation of capital projects. Participants will represent project stakeholders such as:

  • Facility Owners
  • General contractors
  • Designers
  • Major subcontractors
  • Technology vendor organizations

The best way for a company to participate is to send a team of four or more that represents multiple skills and responsibilities. The team can then return and work as a coalition that collaboratively will advance VDC use more effectively than any enthusiastic individuals.

Past Participants

Since August 2008, the program has had numerous introductory sessions with more than a thousand participants from countries around the world, including architects, designers, engineers, contractors, developers, and owners.


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