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Integration Experience Overview

The 4th step of the Certificate Program is a 2-day meeting at Stanford - the Integration Experience Meeting. You need to have completed steps 1 through 3 in the program in order to register for this session. As a reminder, here are the steps in the program:

  1. Participate in all VDC Introductory sessions(5 days) held at Stanford University.
  2. Submit a plan for the VDC Application element (which in most cases was developed during the classes at Stanford).
  3. Participate in six monthly progress / feedback meetings with instructors by submitting a status report on your VDC work.
  4. Participate in a two-day integrating experience, held at Stanford University, at which participants present and discuss the results of the VDC application element to a class cohort and the VDC Certificate Program Committee and present a formal plan for the next phase of their personal VDC work.
  5. Complete all program elements within one year of starting the first element.

The next scheduled session of the VDC Integration Experience:
Juen 25-26, 2018 -- registration