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Introductory Course Overview

Sample Schedule for the Introductory Session of the VDC Certificate Program

  DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5

Establishing common ground and
vision for VDC
• Company vision (sense of urgency for VDC established by senior executive)
• VDC experience by participants
• VDC overview by CIFE-PPI

Metrics continued VDC concept: Integrated Concurrent
Engineering (ICE)
• Motivation and theory (types of
workflows, latency)
• Examples
• Suggestions for planning,
managing, and following up on ICE sessions
Project Production
Management continued
VDC Implementation
• Series of individual
and group work
sessions and reviews
PM VDC concept: Metrics
• Types and framework (client,
project, process objectives;
controllable factors)
• Current use of metrics in
• Current and future performance
• Examples from projects and
companies around the world
• Connection between controllable
factors and process, project, and
client objectives
VDC concept: Building
Information Modeling
(BIM) and applications
• Types of BIM
(visual, information
• Examples and
applications (internal
and external)
• BIM process
VDC concept: Project Production
• Theory (variability, project
production system, pull, push)
• Applications
• In-class exercises
VDC as a method
• Putting the VDC
elements together
Implementation Plan
• Template
VDC Implementation
• Issues, frameworks,
and examples
VDC Implementation
• Presentation to managers
Implementation phase
• Monthly report
template and

Glossary of terms used in this program.