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Extending the construction robots database

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Title Picture Extending construction robots database

Research Team

Our Motivation:

"The Construction Automation and Robotics field has developed significantly in the last decade thanks to advances in the internet of things, artificial intelligence, sensors, and Building Information Models (BIM). These advances materialize in new construction robots being developed and tested on construction sites. Given this new practice, researchers and innovators in Civil Engineering must consider how to connect real-world applications with research and teaching. Our research proposes to extend a database of promising construction robots being tested and deployed on sites."


Icon Contribution

Research Contribution

A Civil Engineering project-based course focused on the consistent analysis of construction robots compared to traditional construction methods.

The course involves the collaboration of General Contractors, robot manufacturers or start-ups, and students to document the potential Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Cost impacts of promising construction robots.

Icon Problem


Practical Problem

As robots mature and become suitable construction methods, innovation managers must consistently evaluate the Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Cost impacts of deploying robots compared to traditional construction methods.

However, there is no comprehensive database of the potential benefits of existing robots for different types of projects.

Moreover, as existing robots develop, key features improve that could impact the decision to deploy robots on site.

Conceptual Problem

Researcher and construction managers should consider connecting real-world robotic applications with research at a much faster pace to demonstrate robots' benefits for the industry.

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The course presents an objective and repeatable research method to approach robot evaluations. 

Graduate students conduct detailed case studies considering robot opportunities and adoption challenges.

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Added Value For The Industry

Foster a community of robotic leaders that occasionally meet to share insights.

Evolve the construction understanding of the value proposition of available robots in the market.

Icon Timeline





Fall 2022

Contact industry partners that expressed interest


Winter 2023

Reach out to students about class participation



Confirm participating companies



Set guest speakers and site visits


Spring 2023

Kickoff networking event



Course Begins



Closing event and final case study presentations


Summer 2023

Document class results



Facilitate construction robotics research among interested students and industry



Workshop to share insights with CIFE



If you want to participate in the project please reach out to Cynthia Brosque.