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Feasibility Study of 4D CAD in Commercial Construction

TitleFeasibility Study of 4D CAD in Commercial Construction
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsKoo, B, Fischer, M
Date Published08/1998
Publication Languageeng
Keywords4-D, Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, CIFE, CPM, Modeling, Stanford University
AbstractThe primary objective of this thesis is to determine the benefits and limitations of 4D CAD by conducting a feasibility study of the project planning tool. 4D CAD links three dimensional graphic images to the fourth dimension of time (30CAD + time).The resulting 4D simulation or 4D model, visually demonstrates building components being built according to the sequence of the original building construction. As 4D models communicate the schedule as objects within the graphical model, the temporal and physical aspects of the project are inextricably linked. This increases the possibility of detecting unanticipated problems beforehand by viewing the 4D model. The 4D model also allows multiple project participants to communicate and interact through a single medium while developing the 4D model, and can be used to conduct additional planning related analyses. These benefits are demonstrated in a case study implemented by adapting 4D CAD for a commercial construction project. A 4D model is developed for an office building by linking 3D CAD components to an as-planned CPM schedule using commercially available 4D tools. By documenting the procedural difficulties involved in generating and analyzing the 4D model, the shortcomings of current 4D models and 4D tools are also established. Future improvements of current 4D models and 4D tools include expedition of the development process, manipulation of the 4D model, and the enhancement of its functional features to detect problems and convey the information to users. Current research which have addressed these issues are introduced and additional solutions based on the experience gained from the case study are also suggested.
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