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Flexibility in Building Design

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Research Team

Our Motivation:

Our research will explore if buildings can be designed cleverly to deal with multiple future scenarios that occur during their typical life. Building adaptation can increase the expected value of buildings, extend their life, and reduce their negative environmental impact.


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Research Contribution

Develop a catalog with the “flexibility” features that would allow future changes in a building

Develop an evaluation method that considers the economics of pursuing different design strategies: from a “fixed” design to incorporating “flexibility”

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Practical Problem

Designers encounter difficulties in explaining the benefits and disadvantages of having a flexible building and showing potential cost savings to their clients.

Although cost represents an important decision factor for owners, there are no strategies to evaluate the financial effects of including flexibility features in a building and choose between different alternatives.

Conceptual Problem

There is no framework that considers the “flexibility” features of each building system, their dependencies, and the economics of pursuing different design strategies.

Icon Solution


A framework that can guide:

Designers to incorporate flexibility features during the design phase

Owners to make decisions based on the economics before implementing their next projects

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Added Value For The Industry

In the short-term, this research would help to evaluate whether and how to include flexibility in a specific project.

In the long-term, it could change the traditional approach to design and how owners select their preferred design.

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Cooperation Partner

To be defined

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Year 2022

Research became awarded: Flexibility in Building Design


Summer 2022

Literature review


If you want to participate in the project please reach out to Giulia Scagliotti.

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